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3 Steps to simplify your marketing

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Having a clear marketing message

 You might be asking yourself do I even have a marketing message? If you don't, he here are some quick steps to craft or clarify clear and compelling Message Step 1:  Step into the mind of your target customers and identify the problems (pain points) they have. Step 2: Identify how your product solves your customer's problem. How does it make your customer's life better? Step 3: Gain your audiences vote of confidence through the story you tell about how your              business understands their problems and created a service with them in mind.  example: One of innocent drinks (brand) marketing message was: "fill yourself with goodness"                another was: "think fruit bowl, think portable fruit bowl" If a working mum is rushing off to work in the morning with no time for breakfast "fill yourself with goodness" will resonate with her because of her problem - being hunger. She might also be conscious of what she eats due to her healthy lifestyle so "think fruit bowl, think portable fruit bowl" will certainly strike a chord as being time-poor is another problem she has.  Don't want to do it alone? We can help...  Don't continue losing business by using the wrong words. Our team will create a clear and compelling message for your business to use in any situation. People will understand how you help them, and therefore, they will trust you with their business.

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