5 reasons social media isn't working for your business

Updated: Jul 2

Lots of small business owners say "social media doesn't work for my business" - but is that entirely true?

So many small business owners find social media frustrating. That’s no surprise. It’s time consuming. You need to have so many different skills because it involves so many different elements. You feel the pressure to be on there and post stuff and it’s constantly evolving - sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

But the main reason we see business owners get frustrated is because they just aren’t seeing the results they want. They get no engagement on their posts. They aren’t growing their accounts despite their best efforts.

So why isn’t social media working for you? It’s likely because you’re making one, more, or all of these mistakes.

1. You aren’t giving your audience what they want

The number one thing to remember about using social media for business is that you are serving your audience.

Your audience shouldn’t see posts everyday about how great your products and services are – they want to see relevant content that can add value to their lives. But in order to know this, you must understand your audience.

All too often businesses are targeting “everyone between the ages of 18 and 50”. But if you’re targeting everyone you’re targeting no one.

Once you have a deeper understanding of who your audience is you can tailor content that appeals to them - so essentially you become a helpful source information. Then you’ll find they will engage by ask questionings and commenting - which means you are succeeding in adding value.

2. You’re talking too much about yourself

Ever had lunch with someone that just talks about themselves the whole time? They never ask you anything or give you the chance to talk! We all know what happens right? You switch off and probably won’t meet that person again.

This is the mistake many business owners make on their social media pages – they talk too much about their products and services. If your posts are constantly pushing sales messages and discounts – you’ve missed the point of social media.

Social media is a two way street which means listening as well as talking and building real relationships in a genuine way. To be successful at social media marketing you need to have a sociable brand that has a diverse and effective range of topics that you post and converse around consistently.

3. Your social media posts lack personality

When someone follows your brand on social media they like to feel like they are connected to a real person with real thoughts and emotions – let it show in your posts! Your posts don’t have to be boring or serious all the time – add some tasteful humour.

Let your audience see your personality behind the brand - you can use the “stories” feature, host quizzes and even run polls. Even if you’re a more serious brand like an accountancy firm targeting small businesses, it doesn’t mean you can’t be more human. Put the social into social media.

4. You’re on too many platforms or the wrong ones

All too often business set themselves up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and they spread themselves too thin and aren’t managing any of them well.

There’s a lot more to social media marketing than just posting sales messages. It includes many other elements like crafting effective marketing copy, finding relevant content like images, graphics or video for your audience. Other key elements include scheduling content, analysing analytics and insights to track what’s working and what’s not working – its a lot of work! Which is why we advise being on just one or two platforms and really focusing on making those work for you.

It’s also possible you’re on the wrong platforms.

It doesn’t matter how much you love Instagram if your target customers are over 50 this probably isn’t the platform to invest in. Prioritise the platforms where your customers spend the most time.

5. You’re not tracking analytics to learn what’s working

Viewing and tracking your analytics on a regular basis is absolutely essential. Otherwise, you are just “spraying and praying” - pushing out tweets and posts randomly without any sense of what’s working and what’s not working. This wastes effort, time, money and means you’ll never nail your social media marketing efforts.

Each social media platform provides you with detailed data on every one of your tweets and posts.

When you take time to understand this data you can learn things like:

· What content gets the most engagements and which drives the most conversations.

· Which days and times get the most engagement because your audiences are online.

· Which hashtags work to build awareness and engagement.

Need some help getting together a strategy for your social media? Feel free to reach out to us for a free 30 brainstorming session to see how we can make social media work for you


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