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How to nail your target audience and supercharge your marketing

Your “target audience” is the overall audience you want to sell to or reach with your marketing message — it’s that simple.

They are the people who are most likely to buy your products or services, and they are united by some common characteristics like:

· Demographics: Men in their 30’s, business owners, parents, or working professionals

· Location: Men who live in Buckinghamshire

· Behaviours and interests: Dog owners or gym lovers.

Every target audience has specific interests and may engage differently with your marketing campaigns.

What difference will targeting a specific audience make?

Not targeting a specific audience or having one that’s too broad and general will leave your marketing failing to resonate with anyone. Resulting in wasted efforts and money leading to low sales. Ultimately you'll end up looking and sounding like thousands of businesses others out there.

Knowing your Target Audience changes EVERYTHING

Know who is willing to pay for the products and services you offer. (it's not everyone!)

Know where to find prospects so that you can target your marketing accordingly

Understand what your customers care about so share relevant content that gets them to engage

Understand your customer's core drivers and what motivates them to solve their problem

Know the objections and questions prospects will have and have responses to close the sale.

Want help identifying your target audience?

Get specific about who your targeting and stop trying to get business from "anyone"- your bottom line will thank you! Our team will create a customer profile so you know exactly who wants and needs your products and services. We'll help you figure out what makes them tick - so they'll be excited to hear from you because they'll know your products are the answer to their problem.

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